Maquette B757-200 TRUMP N757AF, 1/200th

Gemini Jets

The 757-200, the original version of the aircraft, entered service with Eastern Air Lines in 1983. The type was produced with two different door configurations, both with three standard cabin doors per side: the baseline version has a fourth, smaller cabin door on each side aft of the wings, and is certified for a maximum capacity of 239, while the alternate version has a pair of over-the-wing emergency exits on each side, and can seat a maximum of 224. The 757-200 was offered with a MTOW of up to 255,000 pounds (116,000 kg), some airlines and publications have referred to higher gross weight versions with ETOPS certification as ""757-200ERs"", but this designation is not used by the manufacturer. The first engine to power the 757-200, the Rolls-Royce RB211-535C, was succeeded by the upgraded RB211-535E4 in October 1984. Other engines used include the RB211-535E4B, along with the PW2037 and PW2040 from Pratt & Whitney.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen used a private 757 from 2005 until 2011; the aircraft was then sold to Donald Trump and became known as "Trump Force One" during his 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.

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